History About Achleshwar Dham Batala


History About Achleshwar Dham Batala

Achleshwar Dham, Mandir is a temple in Batala, Punjab.It is 7 km away from the main city. It is a place where Lord Shiv’s Son Kartik hame come when he was competiting with Shri Ganesh. Shivji ordered their son to move around the earth, which one complete it 1st he will be more superior. Ganeshji move around his parents but kartik was moving around the earth.When he know that Ganesh has won then he come to batala and want to live here permanently. Then Shiv give him blessings that there will come Ganga every year and all 33 crores devtas will come. So it is a place where all the Lords had come.

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