Legend of Maa Naina Devi Mandir, HP

About of Maa Naina Devi Mandir

According to the Puranic legend, Lord Brahma mentally created ten sons,”manasa putra”, to carry out his task of creation and destruction. This had resulted in the creation of Shiva and Daksha but Shiva had superior powers. Irked over Shiva’s supremacy, Daksha took the former as his rival. Daksha had a beautiful and virtuous daughter called Sati.She was a great devotee of Shiva.Most of the time Sati immersed in the thoughts of Shiva and dreamed of being his wife.

Sati’s sincere and devotional prayers made Shiva finally appearbefore her. He asked her to choose a boon. He knew what Sati would ask but wanted her to speak for herself. After overcoming the hesitation Sati revealed her desire, which was readily granted by Shiva. So