Ramayan Quiz and Answers – A Quiz on Hindu God Ram

Ramayan Quiz and Answers – A Quiz on Hindu God Ram

Question1 : In the epic Ramayana, which bird tried to prevent Ravana from carrying Sita away?

1) Vibhishan 
2) Jatayu 
3) Garuda 
4) Bhulinga

Question2 : Ramayana, the great Indian epic, which every Indian child grows up learning about, is also the world’s longest poem, with over 3 million verses. Which city is described as the birthplace of the main protagonist, Lord Rama?

1) Kashi 
2) Dwaraka 
3) Ayodhya 
4) Varanasi

Question3: Lord Dattatreya is confluence of Bramha, Vishnu and who else?

1) Indra 
2) Maheshwara 
3) Ganesha 
4) Sai Baba

Question4: Vishnu is a dwarf in which of his avatars?

1) Vashishta 
2) Varaha 
3) Vamana 
4) Kurma

Question5: According to Ramayana who was Lakshmana’s mother?

1) Sumitra 
2) Kaikeyi 
3) Kausalya 
4) Panchali

Question6: What is the vehicle of Lord Kamadeva?

1) Parrot 
2) Owl 
3) Elephant 
4) Swan

Question7: Who is the king of wealth?

1) Agni 
2) Vayu 
3) Indra 
4) Kubera

Question8 : Which river did Lopamudra become?

1) Godavari 
2) Kaveri 
3) Narmada 
4) Tapti

Question 9: How was Sita related to Janaka?

1) He married her cousin 
2) She was his wife 
3) She was his foster-daughter 
4) He was her cousin

Question 10: What was the name of the woman who tried to become Rama’s wife, only to have her ears, nose, and breasts chopped off by Lakshmana?

1) Tara 
2) Ahalya 
3) Mandodari 
4) Kamavalli (Surpanakha)

Question 11: Whose bow did King Janaka make each of Sita’s suitors try to string?

1) Vishnu’s 
2) Janaka’s 
3) Lakshmana’s 
4) Shiva’s

Question 12: Who took Rama and Lakshmana on a quest at the beginning of ‘The Ramayana’?

1) Vali 
2) Sumanthra 
3) Viswamithra 
4) Jatayu

Question 13: What was the name of the King’s wife who persuaded him to make Bharatha king?

1) Kooni 
2) Kaikeyi 
3) Kausalya 
4) Sumithra

Question 14: Who did the King originally want to choose to replace him as king?

1) Kooni 
2) Lakshmana 
3) Rama 
4) Bharatha

Question 15: What is the name of Rama’s brother who goes with him into exile?

1) Bharatha 
2) Dasartha 
3) Ravana 
4) Lakshmana

Question 16 : Sita is the avatar of which spouse of Vishnu?

1) Durga 
2) Lakshmi 
3) Kali 
4) Krishna

Question 17: Rama is the avatar of what Hindu God?

1) Kooni 
2) Brahma 
3) Vishnu 
4) Shiva

Question 18: Around whose life is ‘The Ramayana’ centered?

1) Ravana 
2) Rama 
3) Dasaratha 
4) Viswamithra

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